Regularly Apply The Pore Cleansing Mask To Help Keep Your Complexion Clear

First, the reality check: You can’t “cure” blackheads because they are not a sign that you are a defective person (which means that Beyonce may have experienced at least one blackhead in her life). In fact, these nasty little spots are just extra oil that has been trapped inside the pores. When the oil is exposed to the air, it oxidizes, giving it a black appearance.

Therefore, although you can’t buy a permanent blackhead-free method, regularly apply yourself to the pore cleansing mask to help keep your complexion clear for a long time.

The good news is that all the best blackhead masks are easy to identify, thanks to a series of tried and tested sebum absorption ingredients. Alpha-hydroxy acids should be your first stop – these chemical surfactants dissolve all oils and mucus that may evolve into blackheads. Similarly, the inconspicuous clay (which you might find in the ingredient list as kaolin) is a great tool to sort out the tiny black spots. It is basically like a magnet that absorbs grease and impurities from the pores.

Note: If your blackheads are particularly prevalent, stay away from deep moisturizing masks and acne products such as creamy moisturizers, silicone-rich primers and dense creamy foundations, as these may be the culprit behind pore blockage.

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