Make up egg (sponge) cleaning method, super practical!

Make up with the makeup eggs and puffs, you can make the whole makeup more docile. But if you don’t wash it often, it is really sad to wash it! It is equivalent to a petri dish, which will cultivate a lot of bacteria, which will easily lead to long closed mouth and acne… How to clean the air cushion puff is correct? Let me tell you some tips today, it is really easy to wash!

normal method

1 First squeeze your makeup remover onto the make up egg and puff. Slightly simmer for a while and add some water to emulsify.

2 Squeeze the Puff Cleaner and continue to rub it. When it is almost clean, clean it with water.

Plastic bag

Conventional methods are very cost-effective and are not very clean for very dirty puffs that are used for long periods of time. Then you need to use our common plastic bags, fresh bags can also be used.

1 Put the amount of water that can drown the make up egg in a clean plastic bag first, then put the beauty egg and puff into it.

2 Add the cleaning agent to the plastic bag, knead it to a clean place (kneading on the outside of the plastic bag), and then wash it with water.