What if the teeth are very yellow? There are 5 solutions, I learned to be good at socializing.

Socializing in daily life is very important to the first impression. If you have a yellow tooth or bad breath, it will make people’s first impression greatly reduced. Although appearance in this society is not the most effective competitiveness, having a clean appearance will give people extra points. How to solve a yellow tooth and bad breath? Let’s take a look at it.

How to solve a yellow tooth and bad breath?

1, solve the digestive system problem

There is a problem with the digestive system, which can also cause bad breath, which is a very important reason for the stench of many people. If indigestion can cause reflux of the stomach, it will make the mouth very stinky, and if constipation will also cause bad breath. Therefore, in order to solve bad breath, we must first solve the digestive system problem. However, bad breath has many reasons, and it is better to know the cause.

2, less smoking

Many people have a yellow tooth, which is caused by long-term smoking, because nicotine and tar in tobacco are very easy to make the teeth yellow, and it also causes bad breath. And smoking is very affecting people’s health. The danger of smoking is not to be said here, everyone knows. Therefore, smoking less is not only good for your health, but also solves the yellow teeth and bad breath, giving you a good first impression.

3, try not to drink strong tea often

Some people like to drink strong tea, this is a personal preference, but it is better to have a white tooth or drink less tea. Strong tea will produce tea scale. If you do not clean it after drinking tea, it will cause the tea scale to exist on the surface of the tooth. Over time, we will have a yellow tooth. So try to drink less tea. If you have to drink it, brush your teeth after drinking tea. You can avoid the problem of tooth yellow to some extent.

4, must pay attention to oral health

Oral hygiene is very important to solve the problem of bad breath in tooth yellow. For example, brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing your mouth after a meal, and rinsing with clear water are all things you must do in your daily life. In addition, you should go to the hospital regularly for dental examinations, find oral diseases in a timely manner, and regular tooth cleaning is also a good habit to maintain dental health and prevent bad breath.

5, the diet is light

Diets in daily life must be taken care of, because spicy foods such as greasy foods can cause indigestion and produce bad breath problems. In addition, if you eat these greasy foods frequently, and do not like to brush your teeth, it will lead to the production of yellow teeth.

The above are some ways to solve the yellow teeth and bad breath. I hope that everyone can help, so that everyone can have a white tooth, and the smile becomes more shiny.

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