Aotto Portable Oven Car Food Warmer – 12V 24V 2-in-1 Personal Mini Microwave Heating Lunch Box for Reheating & Cooking Food for Car and Truck Drivers, Travel, Road Trip (Grey)


  • ✅ COMPATIBLE WITH 12V & 24V: You can easily use this 12 volt and 24 volt 2-in-1 personal portable food warmer for cars and trucks by plugging in a lighter port without an extra converter, this food warmer lunch box also works for AC and DC. It’s designed with an ON indicator light and a built-in fuse to protect your vehicles.
  • ✅ STRESS-FREE COOKING ON THE GO: No need to keep checking on the food. The automatic temperature control will cook or reheat your leftovers, fresh or frozen meals, evenly and without burning, or overcooking. This car food heater preserves food flavor, moisture, and nutrition, giving you warm tasty food. Doesn’t have that microwave taste and texture.
  • ✅ EATING HEALTHY ON THE GO: Aotto portable oven car heating lunch box is ideal for road trips, RVing, camping or truck drivers and on-the-go professionals, a flight attendant who is constantly on the go, and some hotels do not have microwaves in the room. This is a great way to eat healthily, save money and time and take control of what goes into our bodies. Makes a great gift, used for traveling, outdoor events, tailgating, picnics, etc.
  • ✅ NO COMPATIBILITY WORRIES: This portable mini oven heated lunch box is compatible with most heat-resistant containers, such as aluminum, foil, plastic, and glass. The large capacity design accommodates large containers up to 9″ L x 6.75″ W x 3.5″ H. The portable lunch box is also suitable for cooking from scratch, and repacked meals.
  • ✅ DURABLE MATERIAL, NO BAD ODORS: The portable electric lunch bag is made of cation 300D fabric and aluminum foil for durable use. The aluminum hot plate for better heat conduction will not produce bad odors. PTC constant temperature heating holds food temperature longer. The collapsing design with an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap and carrying handle. You can put it in your backpack and carry it to any place.
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Aotto Portable Food Warmer for Car

mini microwave car travel accessories for long trips

Heated Lunch Boxes for Adults, Glass Container Not Included

electric lunch box food warmer 12v mini portable microwave, truck driver gifts for men

Perfect Gift Idea

Looking for a perfect gift for your family, relatives, or friends? This premium portable oven lunch warmer is made to impress. It is suitable for work on the go, truckers, and drivers, just to mention a few. You can surprise your loved ones with this classic lunch box on their birthdays, holiday, Christmas day, thanksgiving days, or any special occasion.


We use a heating element to bring your food to the ideal temperature, a little like a microwave, a little like a slow cooker without overcooking, burning, or drying out your food and nutrition. This portable oven and food warmer can evenly heat leftovers or prepackaged meals, soups and more. Just put your meals in and plug it in; it will hold your meals there automatically without monitoring until you’re ready. AOTTO travel food warmer lunch box is simple and practical for easy to carry anywhere. A memorable truck driver gifts for men.

electric lunch box food heater trucker accessories for truck driver

Who Needs This Mini Portable Oven Car Microwave?

If you are tired of wasting your limited lunchtime finding a microwave or standing in a long line at the microwave at work;

If you want to cook healthy dishes, heat refrigerated boxed meals, and warm comfort food in your vehicles

If you are sick to eat nonnutritive cold or crappy fast food;

If you hate microwaving will dry out food and make meat rubbery;

If you are busy and tired of turning on a burner and stirring or flipping the food;

This personal portable oven box warmer is what you need!

Our portable ovens are:

– Soft and lightweight to take it anywhere

– Comfortably equipped with a handle and shoulder strap

– Foldaway for easy storage

– Preserves moisture and nutrition

– Automatic temperature control prevents overcooking or burning

– Compatible with most flat-bottom heat-resistant containers


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