What if there is a blackhead? Don’t squeeze your hands, you can go to the blackheads at home with a few strokes

Why is there such a dark thing on the pretty face! And still grow on the nose, seriously affecting the girl’s first impression! Every time I saw the blackhead above my nose, I don’t know if anyone is as angry as I am.

But clearly tell you that blackheads can’t be cured. Can only be effectively suppressed, from the daily cleaning to inhibit its growth! Girls see this is desperate, don’t be sad, we just need to find the right way to prevent it from growing.

How did blackheads come about?

Before we go to blackheads, we all need to know how blackheads are produced. After we know the reason, we can prescribe the right medicine.

Blackheads, also known as blackheads, are open acne. It is because the substances composed of sebum, bacteria and the like are formed at the opening of the hair follicle, and the dust, dirt and oxidation in the air make the head of the contacted air black, forming a blackhead.

Simply put, it is oil, dirt, improper cleaning

How to get blackheads in daily life?

Salt toothpaste to blackhead

Steam the noodles with hot water or steam to allow the pores to open, which helps deep cleansing of the pores. Apply the toothpaste and supernatant to the top of the nose. After 2 minutes, wash off with water and then squeeze out the blackheads. However, it is not recommended to squeeze directly by hand. This will make the pores thicker and the blackheads will increase.

Egg shell inner membrane

After washing your face, peel off the thin layer of egg inside the raw egg.

Carefully tear it off and stick it on your nose, and then peel it off after it is tight. At this time, you can see that there are a lot of “blackheads” on the egg film.

Note: (Note that the protein and egg yolk are separated, do not apply the egg yolk to the face)


Lemon can not only whiten, but actually go to blackheads?

Take half a lemon, then add 3~4 drops of honey. Mix well and apply it to the blackhead or acne-prone area. After about five minutes, wash it with warm water. It can prevent and eliminate blackheads very effectively and safely. Honey does not need much money, and it is not a can to be applied to the face. Try it if you need it.

Rice to blackhead

The glutinous rice is soft, the viscosity is not easy to disperse, and the adsorption force is good. Heat a small bowl of rice (warm best), then knead it tightly, apply it to the nose part with more blackheads, and gently roll it. After about 20 minutes of massage, wash your face with clean water. Skin with open wounds may be painful, use with caution!

Can you use nasal stickers?

When it comes to blackheads, everyone thinks of nasal stickers. Some people also like the thrill of the moment when the nose stick is torn off. However, I do not recommend the use of nasal stickers. The nose stick is extremely harmful to the skin. It tears the skin, protects the skin from damage, and is of little use. Unless it is ripe, it can be pulled out, but then the nose becomes hypersensitive and itchy and red.

The daily tips for going to the blackheads have already told you that if you have a girl who needs it, you can give it a try. It is better to get rid of it. If you can’t get it, you have to clean it by usual.

Go Blackhead Facial Cleanser – Shizawa Institute Soda Cleanser

Ze Institute KEANA soda to blackhead facial cleanser. The picky people are full of praise for the classic products, the network explosions, the cleansing tools recommended by major magazines. Containing soda powder sodium bicarbonate, the foam is dense, deep into each pore, gently dissolve the dirt in the pores, can replenish water, control oil, remove blackheads, shrink pores, let you say goodbye to strawberry nose and orange peel face, own White and smooth face.

Affordable weapon – Neutrogena to blackhead facial cleanser

Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Milk contains 2% salicylic acid, which is very clean. It has small particles inside. It can clean the skin and effectively clear the blackheads in the T area, clear the pores blocked by dirty objects, and prevent stubborn blackheads. appearing again. Neutrogena’s blackhead facial cleanser is mild, even if it is used every day, it will not irritate the skin.

Essential frozen film – DMC Xinlan frozen film

OMG, this is too good to use. Is there such a magic in the end? I use the real-life app to help you inquire about the composition of the Xinlan frozen film. It can be seen that it contains charcoal powder, which has exfoliation and adsorption.

It seems that the adsorption of bamboo charcoal on the Internet is there. However, it contains perfume, sensitive muscles should pay attention to prevent excessive skin irritation and damage.

After cleaning the face, apply it thickly on the nose for about 30 minutes, and the white head will float out! ! ! Must be applied for 30 minutes or more! The most important point is that there is no stimulation, no pain at all, the texture is as cool and cool as turtle paste. When the time is up, use a mask spoon or any tool to scrape. After using the frozen film, be sure to use essence and astringent water to skin care. Otherwise, The pores will get bigger and bigger

City wild doctor pore converging water

After washing your face, take some toner. This Mr. Yoshino converges on water to shrink pores and take more shots on his nose. And it’s not oily in summer, it’s refreshing.

The products and methods for going to blackheads have already told you that blackheads can’t be removed. When cleaning your face, you must pay attention to cleaning and careful. The makeup girl’s makeup remover will be unloaded clean.

If you don’t want to be a girl with blackheads, remember not to stay up late.

After the day and night, the body’s endocrine system will have some disorders, and at this time there will be many reactions in the body, in which the facial oil is increased, and dark circles are common. The reason why the blackheads become more and more is also caused by too much oil on the face, because the blackheads are mainly the fat of the face. Therefore, you must go to bed early and get up early, don’t give blackheads the opportunity to grow!