Try these whitening methods and say goodbye to the yellow face and the black face.

Girls are hoping that they can be thinner and whiter, so in addition to obesity, they can’t accept the fact that they are black, especially if they want to go out for the sun in the hot sun. The first thing they might think of is how dark their skin is. The skin on the body is okay. If you want to restore whitening, you can wear sunscreen and pants to avoid direct UV exposure, but what about your face? How can you come back when you are black? If you love beauty, let’s take a look at the way to whiten your face.

1, sunscreen

It can be said that if sunscreen is not done, then all the effort is in vain! So be sure to be sunscreen! Sun protection is not only for whitening, but also for skin health! Daily sun protection can be done by applying sunscreen, wearing a hat or umbrella. In addition, regardless of the spring, summer, autumn and winter, there is ultraviolet light, it must be sunscreen, not without the sun, no sunscreen, ultraviolet light is invisible, if you do not do sunscreen, you will find that the use of more whitening essence products is also minimal.

2, moisture

The tight structure of the stratum corneum, the uniform water-soluble lipid protective layer and the strong cell membrane are the best natural barriers for the skin. No matter which part of the problem is in between, our skin will lose moisture and appear dry and dull. For women who work long hours under central air conditioning, the skin is most prone to lack of water and “flowers are eclipsed.” Pay attention to drink plenty of water. The hydration here is not a water film, etc., because the skin is not replenished by external hydration. So everyone must drink plenty of water and replenish water from the inside. If the skin is easy to appear dark yellow in the absence of water, be sure to use the moisturizing product that suits you in your daily skin care. If the skin is well moisturized, it will look full and bright.

3, food whitening

If you want to whiten, you can eat some natural skin care products that can whiten your skin! Eat more fruits to make your skin supple and elastic.

For example, drinking lemonade, many people say that drinking lemonade will turn black during the day and lead to not drinking. In fact, drinking lemonade will not turn black. As long as you have sunscreen during the day, it is recommended to drink a cup every morning and before going to bed. There is also the effect of weight loss. Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C, which helps prevent dermatitis caused by UV sunburn, and also strengthens skin keratin and maintains skin elasticity.

Tomato can increase the amount of collagen in the skin and prevent UV damage. Sticking to cooked tomatoes for 2 months can increase your skin’s sun protection by 33%.

4, yogurt honey whitening method

Mix and mix the right amount of yogurt and honey, then apply it to the face. After 15 minutes, rinse with water to have a good whitening and moisturizing effect.

5, jasmine water whitening method

If you have jasmine in your house, you can take it off when the flowers are not ready, immerse it in cold water, put it in a sealed jar, etc. After a few days, add some medical alcohol, which makes it like a toner. Jasmine water. It can be used on the face after washing your face to nourish the skin while shrinking the pores.

Every girl sees herself in front of the mirror and feels that she is not white enough. It is a bit yellowish and black. If she comes back after playing, how can she restore her face whitening? From the above we should be able to gain something, in addition to eating can also start from the roots, reduce ultraviolet radiation, umbrellas and hats.

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