Which is more important for hydrating and moisturizing?

As the saying goes, women are made of water. Only when the skin contains enough water will it appear bright, fair, and have sufficient metabolic capacity and ability to withstand external damage.

Whether it is whitening, acne, oil control, freckle, anti-aging, it must be done on the basis of no water shortage. The most directly related to skin moisture is “hydration” and “moisturizing”. But you know “replenishment” and “moisturizing”, which one is more important? Is it more effective for the skin?

Which is more important for hydrating and moisturizing?

[01. Hydration and moisturizing are two different concepts]

In the eyes of many people, hydrating and moisturizing are one thing. In the skin care counter sales staff, hydrating and moisturizing are words that can be replaced with each other, which can make the skin moist.

But I have to tell you that the two of them are really two different things.

Replenishment of water emphasizes the “supplement” of water from the outside world into the skin. Representative behaviors include spraying, applying toner, applying mask, wet compress, etc.;

Moisturizing emphasizes that the skin helps the skin to “lock” the moisture of the surface, so that the moisture does not drain and the skin remains moist. Representative behaviors include applying lotion and applying cream.

Replenishing water is like adding water to a bottle, while moisturizing is to seal the mouth of the bottle.

In everyday skin care that everyone can do, hydration is not necessarily necessary, but moisturizing is a must. Replenishing water without moisturizing skin care, spending more money is no good.

[02. Replenishing water, not filling deep into the skin]

Why is it that hydration is not necessary? The answer is simple.

Because the daily so-called “hydration” behavior, in fact, can not really add water to the deep layers of the skin, can only stay in the stratum corneum of the skin – because our skin has a skin barrier, it protects our skin from being affected The outside bacteria, pollution, and harmful substances are harmed, but the external water and nutrients cannot be easily added to the skin.

If there is no skin barrier, we usually swim, will not bubble like a steamed bun? Didn’t accidentally get some ketchup on your face, can the sauce not penetrate the skin?

Therefore, “hydration” can only make the stratum corneum cells briefly absorb water. But it won’t take long for the water to be lost and the skin to be returned. (Unless you use a needle-free water, iontophoresis, water-light needle and other methods to introduce moisturizing ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin, that is effective)

But the moisturizer is different.

[03. Moisturizing is an essential skin care step]

In fact, our skin has a very perfect moisturizing system.

The dermis is the water source, which has a water content of about 70%, which will continuously supply moisture to the skin’s epidermis. (In the absence of collagen, hyaluronic acid, the water content of the dermis will decrease, so to a certain age you want to freeze the age, you may need to make up the hyaluronic acid)

Under the protection of the skin barrier, the moisture loss of the skin is controlled at a reasonable speed, so that the water content of the stratum corneum can be maintained between 10% and 20%, and does not become particularly dry.

However, when the environment is particularly dry, or the skin barrier function is weakened and damaged, the skin TEWL (transepidermal water loss rate) value becomes larger, the skin loses water faster, and the skin appears dry, dull, and desquamation. And so on.

So if you want the skin not to dry, the most important thing is to lock the water and ensure that the skin does not lose moisture.

[04. The hydration does not lock the water, and the money is more white.]

In the summer, everyone likes to prepare a bottle of moisturizing spray. When you feel your face is dry, you will take it out and spray it. But if you don’t follow the subsequent moisturizing steps, you will find that after the spray is dry, the skin will become drier before it is sprayed. This is actually the relationship that the added water is not locked and lost. Therefore, in daily skin care, after applying the mask, applying the toner, and spraying the spray, you should pay attention to apply a little lotion and mask to lock the moisture.

If you want to hydrate your skin deeply, then we need some professional skin management or skin care. And you must add moisturizing after hydrating.