Different skin types and methods of care

As you get older, your skin care steps become more and more cumbersome. If your skin doesn’t have any obvious problems, you should choose the basic moisturizing hydration class. If you have long acne on your face, or if your skin is not white enough, it will be dark yellow. If you want, you can choose the targeted essence of whitening acne. The most important thing is to look at your skin condition.

Depending on the skin type of the skin, the types of skin are broadly classified into four types, including neutral skin, dry skin, oily skin, and mixed skin, each having its own different characteristics and methods of care.

1. Neutral skin:
It can be said to be the most ideal skin type. The skin is fine, the pores are small, and there are almost no blemishes or fine lines. Balanced oil and water secretion. The entire face is full of luster and is elastic.

Daily care is relatively simple, only need to be clean and basic maintenance, regular weekly care. Adjust skin care according to season, climate and physical condition. Ensure that your work routine is normal, have adequate sleep and a healthy diet. This is basically enough to keep the skin in top condition.

2. Dry skin:
Usually the sebum is insufficiently secreted and lacks moisture. The face appears dry and prone to fine lines, chapped and peeling. The skin is fine, the pores are small, but the lack of luster. Facial makeup can stay longer.

Daily care needs to focus on moisturizing and preventing water loss. Choose a mild cleansing product that keeps the sebum film. Properly strengthen skin metabolism and blood circulation, and add deep moisturizing, exfoliating and massage products to the weekly care program. Strengthen sun protection during the day to avoid premature aging of the skin. Pay attention to the intake of water in your daily diet.

3. Oily skin:
The secretion of sebaceous glands is strong, and the skin is oily for a long time. The skin is thicker, the pores are thicker, and it is prone to acne and acne. Not easy to produce wrinkles. Facial make-up is hard to last.

Daily care should be based on controlling skin oil secretion and keeping skin clean, reducing blackheads, acne and acne. Skin care should choose a refreshing and astringent product, and the weekly care should be appropriate to strengthen exfoliation and deep cleansing. Do a moisturizing sunscreen during the day to avoid skin aging. Make-up should use a product with a thinner texture and oil control effect.

4. Mixed skin:

Unbalanced oil secretion, characterized by T-shaped parts belonging to oily skin, while cheeks and eyes around are neutral or dry skin. Therefore, people with mixed skin have the characteristics of both dry and oily skin. Similarly, the same problem can be caused by dry skin or oily skin on the same face. Therefore, maintenance needs to be arranged more carefully.

Then, after the age of 25, the metabolism of the skin is not as good as before the age of 25, so it is necessary to rely on skin care to remedy. At this time, the essence should be replaced with anti-oxidation, and it is imperative to prevent aging! At the age of 30 Be sure to use the anti-aging wrinkle essence to prevent wrinkles from growing wildly on your face! I can’t hold the idea that I don’t have wrinkles, I don’t think I need to use the essence of wrinkle!

Of course, if you find that there are fine lines on your face in your twenties, please use the anti-aging essence right away immediately! If the problem is big, especially for middle-aged people, you need to use all the essence, smear The order is hydrating – whitening – anti-aging, women are pleasing to the themselves and do not be lazy.

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