How do those women who look good in their lives maintain their feet?

The well-looking woman’s feet, I think it is round and not thick, slender and not fat, white and not black, blood vessels on the feet are filled without collapse, and the length of the toes is patchy, beautiful, smart and seductive.

For example, the ancient woman “three-inch golden lotus” is the man’s praise and appreciation of the woman’s feet. Because in the ancient period of ancient China, social customs and ethos is to pursue the woman’s foot to “three inches of gold lotus”, but also to link the woman’s beauty and ugliness with the feet, that women are “small and short” is regarded as chaste, And “hands big and big” is considered a bad phase. Of course, it is also caused by feudal ideas. The woman’s feet become a man’s sexual temptation to a certain extent.

The feet of modern women are no longer “three-inch golden lotus”, and they have become the skeleton and limbs of women’s style. The beautiful woman’s feet are put on silky socks, and then put on the shoes of the hundred charming and charming, the woman is more beautiful and moving, and also wins the love of men. Even the modern woman has a foot model, and the income is said to be objective.Beautiful woman feet, also the carrier and expression of body language, are the maintainers of love and marriage. However, just like a man’s head, a woman’s foot is not tangible, and the woman’s foot outside her wife is touched, and she is suspected of flirting.

Roman Roland said:

“The degree of exquisiteness of a person’s externality also reflects the cultivation of this person.”

“You don’t have to expect a farmer, meticulously sorting out clothes, and you can never get a real aristocrat.” 

And the woman, the real noble, the real exquisite, only cares about the moment she took off her shoes and socks. When I was in college, I changed a few dormitories. Some of my roommates were very beautiful, and they were very temperamental. They almost fainted when they took off their shoes and took off their socks.

Many people have this kind of trouble. As long as the shoes are taken off, they can see their own unbearable feet. Some people may only have cracked and peeled feet during the autumn and winter seasons, while others suffer from cracking and peeling of the feet throughout the year. What are the reasons for the cracking and peeling of the foot?

It is said that the foot is the second face of a woman; and it is said that the foot is still the second sexual organ of a woman.

So it’s not surprising that you like most people.

Wearing shoes

1. fit

Fit is the first rule of wearing shoes. If you try to buy shoes, don’t buy them. If it is a tight shoe, many sisters may think that wearing it will be loose. However, in the process of wearing loose shoes, the original shape is not good-looking. Secondly, in the process of loosening the shoes, the bones of the feet have been squeezed. The extruded foot bone is prone to bulging bulging, widening of the bones on both sides of the forefoot, etc., which is very unsightly. So be sure to wear a pair of shoes.

2. wear less sandals

The sandals here include the most popular flip-flops for many girls in the summer. The disadvantages of wearing sandals are as follows:

First, wearing sandals will have a large area of ​​skin exposed, exposed to the sun and dust for a long time, a summer past, usually black and rough …

Second, wearing sandals (especially flip-flops), because the area of ​​the upper is very small (usually only a few thin straps near the toes), there are fewer places to borrow when walking, so the toes are forced It’s bigger, it takes a long time, the toes are gone, and the flip-flops are much more, and the toes will be longer and longer.

Third, this is mainly a flip-flop. When walking, the soles and shoes are constantly rubbed and beaten, and the stratum corneum of the soles of the feet becomes very thick and very unsightly.

Seasonal changes can easily lead to cracking and peeling of the feet. In the late spring and early summer, the weather is getting warmer, the humidity is getting bigger, the temperature is rising, and it is easy to cause peeling of the feet. In the late summer and early autumn, late autumn and early winter, the weather becomes dry every day, the temperature becomes lower and lower, the secretion of sebaceous glands and sweat glands gradually decreases, and the feet are prone to chapped.

Yuzu is the organ with the strongest sexual consciousness and sexual charm. Many men have a tendency to “love foot”. When a girl sees her beautiful feet, she also looks at the blushing heartbeat. She can’t help but admire that this is the woman who will really care.

Fourth, don’t wear high heels. Even if you want to wear them, it is recommended to wear low heels. The higher the heel of the high heels, the smaller the toe and sole angle, the more the toes are squeezed, and the more the shape is. .

Fungi can easily spread in hot and humid environments. If the feet are prone to sweating and often wear impervious footwear, it is easy to cause fungal infection of the foot. The stratum corneum of the epidermis separates from the epidermis. Peeling. Fungal infections can easily cause athlete’s foot, eczema, athlete’s foot, etc. If it is severe peeling, you must go to the hospital for examination and treatment as soon as possible.

Foot care

1. exfoliation

Physical Exfoliation: Physical exfoliation is generally performed by some exfoliating tools to remove the stratum corneum from the feet. There are many different tools.

Chemical exfoliation: The principle of chemical exfoliation products is basically to exfoliate by burning the epidermis to accelerate metabolism. Generally, the skin on the feet is thicker and there is no allergic sputum. However, when you use it, your feet will peel off. At this time, you need to pay attention to not to tear it by hand. Otherwise, it will bleed or not. Walking is also very painful.

2.sun protection

Sun protection is mainly for the summer. Usually, the summer shoes will make some of the feet exposed on the outside. The umbrellas will not take care of the feet. The color of the shoes will be different. One winter may not recover. So when you apply sunscreen on your body, remember to take care of your feet~

3. moisturizing

Specific products are free, body milk, hand cream, and even endless cream, as long as there is moisturizing function, you can greet your feet. The point is to stick to the smear, it is best to apply it in the morning and evening. After a long time, the feet will be very soft!

Because the foot, especially the sole of the foot, is often in a state of friction, if the skin of the foot is less dry, it is prone to dryness. Because the skin of the foot is dehydrated and dry, the cleft palate is more common in the foot, heel and so on. It can prevent the cracking of the foot by moisturizing the skin of the foot.

The first step, of course, is to keep your feet clean. Before going to bed every day, soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes. The water temperature should not be too high. Do not use blisters with more than 45 °C.

Step 2: After soaking the feet (recommended for about 15-25 minutes), apply directly to the “Cleaning Cream”, which is easy to buy online, with a heel dry protective cover, nutrition for the skin. And moisturizing have a good effect, more than anything, try it.

Step 3: Put on the heel cover on the foot, put on the socks and sleep for one night, and you will find a lot of recovery the next morning. If the body is deficient in vitamin A, it is easy to cause dry skin, scales and even peeling. Vitamin A can help promote skin growth, protect the skin, and help prevent dry skin and peeling. In the usual time, you can eat more fruits and vegetables rich in health vitamin A.

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