Girls are fascinated by you With this SWLKG’S Hair Styling WAX

Boys want to do slicked-back hair modeling, in addition to looking for a reliable barber to cut their hair, they also need to use styling products to shape their hair. There are so many styling products on the market, how to choose? First of all, we need to know the difference between mud and wax, Let’s have a look.

1、 The difference and characteristics between mud and wax

The styling effect of hair mud is medium and muddy. It is matte after daubing, which can keep the softness of hair. Now, the hair mud can not only shape but also color some hair. When you grasp the hairstyle, you can color the hair. Now the fashionable gray hair of grandma can use the hair mud to take effect, and the hair with not strict styling effect can use the hair mud.
The setting effect of hair wax is stronger than that of hair mud, which is in the form of grease. After being applied to the hair, there will be no color, but there will be some moist feeling. Compared with the hair mud, it will be somewhat unnatural, but the setting time will be longer than that of the hair mud. If the hair is thicker and harder for boys, you can choose hair wax to do the modeling, and the set effect will be better.

2、 Wax or mud for men’s Slicked-back hair

Men’s back modeling hair mud and wax can be used. Boys with fine soft hair can choose hair mud, while boys with thick hard hair should choose hair wax. The back effect made by hair wax is not as good as that made by mud, so boys with thick hard hair can do worse than boys with fine soft hair.

3. Why choose SWLKG’SHair Styling WAX

The Organic Carnauba which included in SWLKG hair wax could be used to make the hair flex but also easy to shape. Not like most of the other hair wax, SWLKG hair wax could get much more strong holding due to the blend of ingredients, only you wash your hair, or the hairstyle could keep for a long day.

To create a shine-free finish hairstyle must be needed. Using XX hair wax could be a good choice whatever you adjust the level of shine and shine-free. It gives both a matte or shiny finish based on how much you use, making this a high hold pomade and a high shine pomade as well. And then it will be go on without leaving any residue or sheen. Easy to make the hair salon and add the thickness with texture. Using one comb with the hair wax, then pull the hair out, and add the layer one by one. The flexible hair will help to make different hair shape easily. Also, when the hair sticks together, The thickness and texture will be added.

Every boy dreams of a long-term shape. A handsome man depends on his hairstyle. You need an SWLKG men’s hair wax to keep plasticity for you,and good luck in adventures with women. It should also be noted that boys have a high demand for the forehead to build their backs. Boys with a full forehead can use their backs to increase their fashion sense, but boys with a bad forehead should choose bangs to block their forehead. It will be more suitable for you. Valentine’s Day is coming. It’s time for men to release their charm. Choose a hair wax to attract a lot of girls.