Do you know how to use wax? What are the precautions?

The wax hair styling function is derived from its viscous properties. The hair can be glued together and supported by each other to form a hair style that is not easily scattered. Suitable for short hair (such as men’s hair). Now I will teach you how to change the shape with wax.

In this era of chasing stars, fans everywhere are running around with stars. The most enviable thing is the star’s various hairstyles, which attracted a lot of attention. Some barbershops also posted many posters to promote hairstyles. So how do those good-looking hair stylists make it? How is it maintained? At this time, you need to use wax. If you want to use the wax, it is not an easy task. Let’s take a look at how to use the wax correctly!

1. Hair renovation

The first step is to wash the hair first. This is what we usually do when we wash our hair. We don’t need to introduce more. Then after washing, you need to organize your hair. First of all, we have to have a hair target that we want to do. Then we need to make necessary trimming of the hair according to the hair style. For example, long hair needs to be cut short, or some places such as horns need to be trimmed, or the hair is too thin. , need to be thinner, if you can’t get it, you can go to the barber shop to fix it.

2. Start using

After we have fixed our hair to our desired effect, the next step is to start using wax. Generally, we use our hands to pick up wax. Of course, if you think that the wax is dirty, you can also use some tools that are specially coated with wax. When we use it, use less, just use a finger or a tool to gently touch it. If you use too much at one time, it is inconvenient to comb the hair, and at the same time, too much wax, it is easy to dry quickly. It looks very hard.

3. Apply both hands

Generally, when applying wax, it is applied on the hand or the tool first, because if it is difficult to apply evenly on the head, it is easy to make the wax pile in a certain place. After we take a small amount of wax with our fingers, put it on the palm of your hand, then rub your hands and evenly spread the palm. Then you need to apply wax to your fingers and fingers, because we need to apply the hair with both hands. If the finger does not emit wax, it is easy to be uneven when applied.

4. Hair smearing

When the wax on your hands is applied, start applying your hair. First apply from the surface of the hair, be sure to pay attention to the outermost layer to be covered, then grab it like a hair, wrap around the head, and finally use the five fingers to grasp the state and insert it into the hair, then tighten it. Pull down and apply it until it is evenly applied. Apply a little bit from the outside to the inside. At this time, you must remember that the wax is not too much, otherwise it will look very greasy.

5. Apply the end of the hair

When applying wax, our hair is still more difficult to handle. We can slowly comb the haircut with your fingers, use your fingers to hold a small strand of hair and comb it up along the end of the scalp. Repeat it from the forehead to each place, making the hair look loose, so much. Do it a few times and wipe the hair off.

6. Places to pay attention to

Since wax is a kind of dirty thing, it is relatively alkaline. When we apply it, we will definitely touch our scalp. At this time, we will open the surface of our scalp. If it is used too much, the breathing surface of the scalp will not be closed naturally, and the hair will slowly develop. dry.

The principle of using wax is to practice more. When you apply it, you can get more hair evenly. After a long time, you will slowly find out.

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