What is the correct order of use of various skin care products?

What is the order of use of skin care products? There are many types of skin care products that women have to eat every day, but not everyone knows the correct order of use of skin care products. The use of skin care products want to receive good results, we must pay attention to the order of use, you know which of the commonly used skin care products should be used first?

1, cleanser or facial cleanser

Cleaning is always the first step in skin care. Don’t underestimate cleanliness. It is not important to clean. Our skin suffers from pollution and radiation for a day, so that too much dirt accumulates on your skin. If it is not completely clean, the skin will slowly It will become dry and rough, and without getting the dirt away, the pores will become bigger and bigger. The correct cleansing steps: moisten the face with warm water, take a proper amount of cleansing products in your hands, and use your hands to remove the rich foam; place the cleansing foam on the face, especially the T-shaped parts that are easy to oil. The face is directly rubbed, but the foam is massaged on the skin; the entire face is circled to clean the skin, and then rinsed with water; immediately wipe the face with a soft towel, not to say dry Moisture, but use a towel to apply moisture on the face, otherwise it will cause great damage to the skin, and finally spray a mineral water spray on the face, and then dry it with a towel again.

2, toner

I believe that toner is familiar to everyone. In fact, toner is a kind of lotion. It can play an important role in secondary cleaning and shrinking pores. Don’t think that lotion can replace moisturizer. The idea is completely wrong, because of makeup. The main function of water is to adjust the skin instead of moisturizing, so the lotion should be used after cleaning.

3, muscle bottom fluid

After cleaning and toning, the skin needs a bottle of muscle base to lay the foundation. In recent years, the muscle base has become popular. This product can promote the effective absorption of subsequent products and adjust the skin to the desired state, but this A variety of products cannot be used as a lotion and cream.

4, the essence

After using the muscle base liquid, the essence product must be used, and the essence is used before the lotion and cream. Since the essence of the essence is relatively small, if it is used later, the skin can not absorb the essence well, so the essence must first Use, at the same time, the essence should also follow the principle of anti-aging – whitening – moisturizing, follow the procedure to use the essence correctly.

5, lotion or cream

After using the essence, you can apply lotion or cream. If you are oily, you can use only the lotion. For dry skin, you can use a cream.

6, sunscreen

Sunscreen must be remembered to use, skin protection work must be done. In the summer, we usually use SPF30 sunscreen products, but if you go to the beach, because the ultraviolet rays on the beach are very strong, the sunscreen products applied should be 50 times SPF. In winter, choose a physical sunscreen with a low SPF. Sunscreen products below SPF30 can effectively isolate more than 90% of UV rays.

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