Why do I advise you not to use these three methods to blackhead? It’s all for your face!

Blackhead is a heart disease of many girls. I don’t feel able to eradicate it no matter what. As long as you see that you can go to blackhead small way to try. But most of the time, they can’t get rid of their worries. There are three ways, which we often do. I suggest you don’t use them. Why do I advise you not to use these three methods to blackhead? It’s all for your face!

1、 Squeeze blackheads with your hands

This is the most popular way to get rid of blackheads. Most of the time, when you can’t stand the blackheads in your nose, you will squeeze them with your hands. This is the fastest and most convenient way, and you don’t need to use tools. Xiaobian used to be bored. She would squeeze blackheads in front of the mirror. As a result, her pores were getting bigger and bigger. Because when we squeeze the nose, it’s easy to damage the pores, and when we squeeze the blackheads with our fingers, sometimes we feel that we squeeze them with the nail plate, which is the easiest to hide dirt and dirt, so it’s easy to cause our nose to be infected, it’s easy for the pores to grow larger and blackheads to grow. So I advise you not to use your hands to squeeze blackheads. It’s really for your face

2: Use toothbrush to dip toothpaste to remove blackheads

Many people are aware that toothpaste has a certain cleaning power, and has some granular feeling. They use it as a grinding paste, which can remove horniness and blackhead. Yes, toothpaste can indeed remove blackhead, but the ingredients in toothpaste are aimed at teeth, which may cause some irritation on the face. Moreover, it is easy to dip the toothbrush into a toothbrush to brush the nose Damage to the skin, will lead to pores easily bulky, on the skin is also very bad. Therefore, it is recommended not to use toothbrush to dip toothpaste to remove blackheads, which is better for the face

3: Remove blackheads with inferior exfoliating products

This should be the most widely used way to get rid of blackheads. I feel that everyone has used this method as long as they are on the way to get rid of blackheads. Pull the blackhead out in various ways. This can play the effect of removing blackheads, but when removing blackheads, it also destroys our skin and causes damage to the skin. And the use of exfoliating products, blackheads removed, leaving a small hole in there, soon there will be new dirt filled in, forming a new blackhead. Therefore, using this method to remove blackheads will only lead to more and more blackheads, and the interval between removing blackheads is shorter and shorter, so it is recommended that you do not use exfoliating products to remove blackheads
It is recommended that you choose this method that does not cause damage to pores and skin. After finishing the blackhead, you must remember to shrink pores. We must use our black mask. It is very easy to use.