The problem of “eye skin” is constant, it may be that these steps are not done well.

Good eye skin, the importance of the overall image can not be overemphasized. What is counterproductive is that the eye skin is the most prone to problems. The aging of the skin often starts from the eye, and the first wrinkles are also first appearing in the eye skin. Not to mention the headaches of dark circles, bags under the eyes, fat granules and so on.

Relative to facial skin, many girls do not pay special attention to eye care, or do not know how to care. There are many misunderstandings in eye skin care. I have written some articles about eye care, but I have not said it from a macro perspective. This article talks about eye care from a macro perspective.

Characteristics of the eye skin

The eye skin is one of the thinnest skin parts of the body, only 0.33-0.36 mm, which is about 1/4-1/3 of normal skin. The skin is thin, and the external ingredients are more likely to penetrate into the skin, and the resistance to the outside is weaker. Therefore, the eye skin is sensitive to other skin and is easily stimulated by the outside world. Skin care ingredients are more demanding in terms of mildness.

In addition to the thinning of the eye skin, the sweat glands and sebaceous glands are distributed much less than other parts. We know that the sweat and sebum secreted by the skin form a sebum film on the surface of the skin, forming a weakly acidic environment on the surface of the skin, protecting the skin from external damage, while preventing moisture from evaporating, maintaining skin moisture and moisturizing. Effect. There are few sweat glands and sebaceous glands in the eye skin, and the amount of sweat and sebum secretion is also reduced. The sebum film that protects the skin is also reduced. Causes the skin of the eyes to dry easily and lack water. Long-term dryness and lack of water on the skin can affect normal internal metabolism and cause various skin problems.

The dermis of the eye skin is rich in nerves, blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and elastic fibers, which is why the eyelid skin is elastic and stretchable. However, the capillaries in the dermis are very thin and the blood flow rate is slow. It is easily stimulated by the outside world, causing poor blood flow, insufficient oxygen supply to tissues, excessive accumulation of metabolic waste in blood vessels, and pigmentation of the eyes. In addition, the epidermis of the eye skin is thin, and the eye skin is dull and dark, forming dark circles.

Eye skin should be combined with the face to make a lot of expressions, blinking more than 20,000 times a day, such a large amount of exercise, if not carefully treated, with age, prone to slack, wrinkles, bags under the eyes. Causes severe aging of the eye area.

The subcutaneous connective tissue of the eyelid is particularly loose, and contains only a small amount of adipose tissue. In patients with heart or kidney dysfunction or local inflammation of the eye, the exudate liquid tends to accumulate here, causing eyelid edema.

Causes of eye problems

There are many eye problems, and the causes of each problem will be different. However, there are some common reasons that require the warning of girls. In summary, there are mainly:

1, bad habits and living habits;

2, stress, long-term negative emotions;

3, work and living environment is bad;

4, the body’s own problems;

5, the wrong way of skin care.

◆ Bad hobbies and lifestyle habits

Most girls have problems in their eyes. The first thing that comes to mind is “going out”, looking for a variety of eye products, dreaming of relying on a bottle of magical products to wipe out eye problems. I don’t think about the problem of the eye at all, it is caused by bad habits and living habits for many years. The root cause does not change, and the expensive skin care products will not work.

Staying up late, lack of sleep, and damage to the eye skin, I believe that the experience of this small partner is very deep. Irregular life, smoking, drinking, and getting used to nightlife can also cause deep damage to the skin. Faced with electronic products such as computers and mobile phones for a long time, the damage to the eye skin is also great. There are many similar bad habits, and interested girls can find it themselves.

◆ High pressure, long-term negative emotions

Interpersonal relationship is not smooth, stress is high, mood is depressed, sadness is full of face, long time is not relieved, long-term negative emotions, people are aging very fast, when the skin of their peers is still delicate, full, fair, smooth, I may have been premature, with wrinkles on my face, loose skin, dull complexion, and dullness. Learning to release stress, soothe your mood, and live easily is more important than any skin care product.

◆ Work and living environment is bad

Some girls have a harsh working and living environment, and they are exposed to dryness and cold, or high humidity and strong ultraviolet rays for a long time. If the protection is not enough, the damage to the skin is very large. Some small partners have long been in an air-conditioned environment. Although the temperature is comfortable, the humidity is small and the air is dry, which may cause dry skin and water shortage.

Some girls work late all night because of their work needs. In the daytime, family chores must be dealt with, resulting in insufficient rest and insufficient sleep, which causes various problems in the skin. This kind of girl should pay special attention to ensuring adequate sleep during the rest time. Otherwise, it will not only cause skin problems, but also cause harm to the body.

◆ Body problems

Some physical illnesses, such as heart and kidney dysfunction, local inflammation, may cause eye problems such as dark circles, edema, and wrinkles. In addition, as the age increases, the amount of female estrogen secretion decreases, which leads to a decrease in skin elasticity, relaxation, and wrinkles. These skin problems can only be solved by eye care alone, and it is necessary to comprehensively regulate the body.

◆ Wrong skin care method

Wrong eye care is also an important cause of eye problems. In summary, there are mainly: 1. Using unsuitable eye products; 2. Neglecting eye care; 3. Over-care.

Unsuitable eye products can cause many eye problems. I believe many of my friends have a deep understanding. I won’t talk much about it here. Neglecting eye care and excessive skin care has gone to two extremes and is an incorrect way of care.

Young girls often ignore eye care, and the use of products is more casual, often ignoring the feeling of the eye. Girls with problems in their eyes are often eager to seek success. They want to solve problems in a short time. They are induced by various advertisements and feel that every product is useful. Sometimes I don’t know how to choose, just superimpose all the products that I think are effective, completely ignoring the absorption capacity of the skin. Over-superimposed, not only does not reach the skin care effect, but also counter-productive, causing a burden on the skin. I recommend that the eye product stack be no more than two.

How to choose eye products

Choosing eye products is the same as choosing other skin care products. First, determine the type of eye skin, what problems you face, sort the order according to the priority of the problem, and then find the corresponding product.

Under normal circumstances, 18-23 years old, you can do a basic moisturizing. Many small partners often ask me what age to start using eye cream, I suggest that you can use it after 18 years old. This age is at the peak of the skin. As long as it is not devastated, there will be no major problems. Even if there are eye problems, as long as you adjust your living habits and proper care, you can recover.

There are many moisturizing eye creams on the market, from gels and gels to high-moisturizing eye creams. If the skin is not dry, you can choose a moisturizing gel or gel product. If the eye area is dry, it is best to choose an eye cream and the moisturizing effect will be better.

23-30 years old, 23 to 25 years old, the skin reached its peak, began to slowly decline, pure moisturizing, can not meet the needs of the eye skin. Using some eye products with anti-aging and anti-oxidation effect can better delay skin aging and prevent wrinkles.

After the age of 30, as the age increases, the skin will age slowly. Some goddess Fan’s eyes began to appear wrinkles, bags under the eyes, relaxation and other aging phenomena. At this time, use some eye products with good anti-wrinkle effect, which can alleviate the generation of wrinkles, prevent skin from sagging, and achieve the purpose of delaying aging.

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