How to choose so many whitening essences on the market?

As the weather gets hotter and hotter, the UV rays become more and more intense, and it is easy to make people tan like the bottom of the pot.

So every summer, whitening has become a top priority in the hearts of girls who love beauty.

There are too many whitening essences on the market, and it seems that I don’t know which one to choose. So today, I want to teach you a strategy to choose the essence of whitening, you must collect it! Whitening without sunscreen is in vain.

The foundation of all whitening is to do a good job of sun protection. Whitening without sun protection is useless. This is because melanin, which affects our skin color, is secreted a lot after being stimulated by ultraviolet rays. If sunscreen is ignored for a long time, the melanin accumulated under the skin will slowly emerge and become a stain that is difficult to eliminate. Whitening without sunscreen is like filling water into a leaking bucket, so how to fill the water is not full.

The right sunscreen, in addition to sunscreen, can not ignore the sunscreen, sunglasses, masks, sunscreen and other hard sunscreen, especially when going out.

This is because, as time goes by, the secretion of sebum and sweat, together with the irradiation of ultraviolet rays, the moisture in the air, the coated protective film is gradually destroyed. Therefore, simply applying sunscreen does not give us comprehensive protection.

It is best to follow the ABC principle that we have repeatedly mentioned before and you have repeatedly mentioned: Avoid, you can hide; Block, cover it; Cream, can prevent it.

All whitening essences can be divided into 4 categories:

The current whitening essence products are becoming more and more scientific, often containing a variety of whitening ingredients, which can help us to whiten the skin more comprehensively.

However, according to the main ingredients and principles of whitening essence, we can still divide the whitening essence into four categories:

A. Mild defense class – anti-oxidation reduction whitening

Although we have done a good job of sun protection, there will still be some “slipping fish” ultraviolet rays that will stimulate our skin, let our body produce more oxygen free radicals, make the skin yellow and dark.

Antioxidant whitening products containing vitamin C, vitamin C derivatives, green tea extract, ferulic acid and other ingredients are equivalent to a layer of “insurance” on the basis of sunscreen, so that melanocytes can not receive free radicals. The stimulation will not reproduce melanin.

This method of whitening is precautionary, so it is milder and harmless.

It is worth mentioning that antioxidant products containing vitamin C, vitamin C derivatives and ferulic acid also have the function of reducing melanin.

In the production of melanin, melanocytes need to process tyrosine step by step into dopaquinone and evolve into melanin. The participation of VC and other components will reverse the entire transformation process and reduce the intermediates such as dopaquinone and dihydroxyindole to dopa and dopachrome. The melanin produced by the melanin cells has been beaten back to the “original form”, and the melanin can not be produced eventually, and it can no longer affect our skin.

B. tough to prevent melanin production class – inhibit whitening

This type of whitening product is directly applied to our melanocytes, so that melanocytes have no way to produce melanin.

The principle is also very simple, that is, let the whitening ingredients one by one pretend to be the melanin raw material “tyrosine” and enter the processing plant of melanocytes. When the “worker” tyrosinase wants to make melanin, it will be found that these are counterfeit products. Under the “funny woman is difficult to be without rice”, the production of melanin is prevented. This whitening method inhibits the activity of tyrosinase in melanocytes, which means it is tough, so it generally has a good whitening effect.

C. Blocking the influence of melanin – blocking whitening

The whitening principle of this type of product is to block the passage of melanin to the skin. It is like hijacking a courier who sent us a courier, let us buy something but no one sent it, and blocked the “road” that melanin wants to lead to keratinocytes. So there is also a good whitening effect.

The famous small white bottles and small bulbs are actually such whitening products.

D. Desalination of existing melanin – metabolic whitening

The last category of whitening products is an after-the-fact remedy. Keratin cells containing melanin will darken our skin, and we will wait until they fall off and renew into keratinocytes that are not contaminated with melanin. These whitening products, with a slight exfoliation, accelerate the metabolism and help us complete the iteration of skin color more quickly.

So, how do we choose so many types of whitening products?

01. First pick the category and confirm the whitening principle that is effective for you.

Different people apply different principles of whitening, and suitable whitening products may also be biased. Therefore, when picking whitening essence, you can try ABCD four kinds of whitening products first, which one is most effective for you. For example, if you have tried A type products without effect, you can change to class B, or you can try C and D again if you have no use.

Sometimes we change a lot of whitening products are useless, perhaps just because we are using the same kind of whitening products.

02. Stick to 4 weeks or more

It takes a certain amount of time to update the skin cells. It is usually about 4 weeks to use a whitening product to see a clear effect (the keratinocytes are updated once every 28 days). So, don’t use it for a day or two, you feel that the whitening products have no effect and are not suitable for you.

03. Advanced product concentration based on skin tolerance

After finding effective whitening products for yourself, you can choose a more effective product based on skin tolerance.

For example, antioxidant whitening products containing VC derivatives are effective for you. If the skin is not sensitive, consider the advanced version of the purified vitamin C product.

⚠ Note that the premise of all this is that your skin is sufficiently tolerated.

04. Have correct expectations for whitening

Finally, I hope that everyone has the right expectations for whitening products. Skin care products have a certain limit to the improvement of the skin. If the original skin color is black, it can get a good skin care effect through sunscreen and whitening.

However, if the foundation is not bad, and you want to achieve the white and clear advertising, you can’t do it by skin care products.